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Born on the internet (and raised in San Diego, California), Scoobert Doobert is a multi-instrumentalist, producer-engineer, burrito-connoisseur and abundant songwriter.

His first break to hone his music craft came during a years-long stint touring with The Doobie Brothers as a guitarist and vocalist, and opening for Gregg Allman playing with Lara Johnston. He then started producing with her after getting off the road, continuing to turn his attention towards production, working with artists like Tamtam.

Launching his project from his bedroom, his single, I'm an Idiot, was added on Spotify’s New Music Friday. J-pop band CHAI heard the song, and Mr. Doobert was soon remixing their work, which became Miracle (Scoobert Doobert Remix). The remix led to frequent productions and songwriting collaborations between CHAI and Mr. Doobert including WHOLE, MY DREAM and other Japan-released exclusives, featured in the NHK drama, 恋せぬふたり, and the blockbuster film, さかなの子, respectively.

To continue his chopping of wood and carrying of water, Mr. Doobert then dropped the LPs Big Hug, and KŌAN. His most recent album, Moonlight Beach, honors his home beach in San Diego.

Mr. Doobert likewise is a frequent collaborator, recently working with Victor Marc, Lou Roy, I Can't Speak French, Sofasound, Kajax, Jamie Drake, Joshoo, Swedish Red Elephant, Bubby Lewis, TOMMASO and Limón Limón.

And check out his Love Music More podcast, new episodes out Tuesdays.

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