Take a Breath (Live from the Void)

Wouldn't It Be Nice? (360 music video)

I Want Yu Yu (Live from the Void)

Can't Imagine Feeling Better (Live from the Void)

a song to quit your job to (360 music video)

Creature Comfort (Live from the Void)

2020 Is Over (Live from the Void)

Live from the Void (Trailer)


Born on the internet (and raised in San Diego, California), Scoobert Doobert is a multi-instrumentalist, producer-engineer, burrito-connoisseur, and abundant songwriter. Having a grasp of multiple languages, notably being a Japanese speaker (and lover of 和食),in additional to his native English, his vibe-of-the-times releases fit within the fresh pop realm while being full of surprise spices.

Scoobert Doobert has self-produced hundreds of songs and collaborates/remixes artists from around the world from Sweden to Japan. Most notably, Doobert connected with MANA and KANA from the J-Pop band, CHAI, after being featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday official playlist. After remixing some of their work, he was brought on as a full producer, instrumentalist, and mixing engineer.

Producing and mixing the theme song for the hit TV mini-series, 恋せぬふたり (Two People Who Can't Fall in Love) for Sony Japan/Sub Pop band CHAI titled まるごと (WHOLE), his sound got around. He then again produced another CHAI single, 夢のはなし (Dream Story), that will be featured in movie theaters across Japan with the feature film さかなのこ (Child of Fish) on September 1st, 2022. More songs with CHAI and other artists to be announced are also in the works! Be sure to check out his full catalog on Spotify.

Scoobert Doobert lives and breathes nostalgic futurism—with releases and videos on the regular. Including an introspective and educational podcast called Music Appreciation 101 on Mondays. It’s a classroom with the most bizarre music professor, who happens to wear a dog-mask and know his stuff.

Say wattup to Scoob Doob on IG, YouTube, or Reddit. Maybe send him a fresh meme. I hear he likes that.

Lofi. Hifi. Wifi. Scoobert-fi.